Web Pages Featuring Windows and General Computer Topics

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  • Ars Technica's Tweak Guide - Most of these tweaks are great, others won't get you much improvement.

    How-to guides at Thresh's Firing Squad - Wide variety

    DevCentral Learning Center: Tutorials, Articles and FAQs - NT Administration, Networking Basics

    Windows 2000Magazine Online Articles by topic

    MaximumPC.com/terminator/terminator.html - Technical Terminology Glossary

    Build your own PC - A Collection of Similar Tutorials

    AnandTech - How to Build a Computer: Part 1 and Part 2

    Ars Technica - The Complete System Building Guide

    Absolute PC - Building Your Very Own PC

    Motherboard Homeworld - How to Build a PC

    Download Utilities:

    Windows NT Resource Kit Support Tools download & Microsoft Windows Update links

    Looking for 3rd-party retail solutions? Check out Windows NT Magazine's Solutions Shopper

    Sysinternals - NT freeware - check out their Links page! Retail versions for sale at Winternals.com

    L0pht Heavy Industries - L0phtCrack password cracking utility

    Beverly Hills Software - Windows NT/2000 Resource Center - both freeware and retail.

    NTWare.com - Utilities, Networking Tools and more

    Diskeeper and Norton Speed Disk both cost around $50 (Workstation license) and both offer free trial versions

    Article on the evils of fragmentation and why you need Diskeeper

    Hardware Tech:

    Microsoft Windows NT/2000 Hardware Compatibility List

    Look up that card manufacturer using the FCCs ID number search! From FCC.gov click "Search" then "FCC ID # Search"

    Then find the drivers at WinDrivers.com!

    Motherboards.org - Look up your Mobo maker here or at Wim's BIOS Page - Trish's BIOS & Motherboards Links page

    TomsHardware.com - the one and only Tom Pabst

    AnandTech.com - Featured on CBS, one of the best

    Thresh's Firing Squad - Hardware reviews

    HARDOCP - Overclocking with Kyle

    TweakIt.com - Hardware tune-ups and reviews - Offline at the moment but keep checking

    Cpu-Central.com - CPU Central

    MaximumPC.com - Many links


    MaximumPC.com/benchmarking/index.html - Benchmark comparisons and how-to

    MaximumHardware.com - Start at "Benchmark Info"

    Miscellaneous Windows:

    Microsoft Certified Professional web site - Microsoft Certified Trainer guide

    www.Annoyances.org - Fix-it tips for Windows Systems and Great Humor

    Windows News and Articles:

    The Register

    NT Frequently Asked Questions - (NTFAQ.com) Search on the web, or download and search offline! A must-have!

    NT Security FAQ & NT Security News

    Windows NT Magazine & iNformaTion

    Windows NT Tips, Tricks, Registry Hacks and more...

    Computer News from CNN - In Depth Special on Hacking: "Insurgency on the Internet"

    Information Week - Technology Business News & Byte.com - technology focus