Key Web Addresses    the location of the following utilities and upgrades:

·         Service Packs and releases

·         Option Packs, such as RRAS and IIS5 and 95/98/Me enhancements

·         Power Toys – includes TweakUI

·         Knowledge Base – database of problems and fixes for XP/Vista/2003 Server/2008 Server/ Windows 7

·        Zero Administration Kit (ZAK)   the location of the following utilities and tools:

·         NTFS 2.0 and Tools – utility that allows read and limited write to an NTFS volume.

·         NTRecover – tool to allow access to a “dead” I386 machine

·         NTLocksmith – add on to NTRecover to allow discover of administrative passwords in less than 20 minutes

·         Blue Screen – a great screen saver that emulates the blue screen of death and restart sequence.

            a true hacker’s web site that includes tools to evaluate the security of your NT installation and user passwords.  The best security is awareness and knowledge, visit and learn.  ddownload a trial copy of diskeeper – from the COBB folk – check out the utilities (Mehuls Backup) – biggest switchboard – all questions answered all the time  location of 104 page FAQ for download.  Includes information on the registry, scripting and other NT subjects  location of NT “how-to” archives.  Also, publish weekly NT update electronic newsletter.  The home of all hardware issues – Tom’s Hardware Guide.  CPU, Chip Sets, memory, video, the future, Tom has it all, see Tom – good information and the lighter side of techno – superb compression/zip utility - the best registry tool out there and it is licensed by LAN segment. A keeper - one of the best registry sites for info, tools and downloads there is - a premier hacking site, not for the faint of heart. - another of "those" sites - a VERY illegal search engine for hackers, crackers and hackers. Get them before they get you - downloads, news, links and More!! - the name sez it all